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manti te'o
im avoiding all the places
you frequent
id rather skip that situation
not that i wouldnt say hi,
if i saw you
its just not gonna happen
with any intention
i woke up this morning
and the whole damn world
had fallen apart again
and on top of everything,
youre getting married
so im getting drunk
cheers, to an early start
never lose that sense of humor
now its just a process
a day to day erasing
making room for...
future endeavors in a conquest.
tally up the figures
even though theres no point
in keeping score
ive got this connection
in washington...
ive never met her face to face,
i know its crazy
and i continue to let it,
simply sabotage
every relationship that is
currently standing.
a decade in the making,
im having trouble shaking,
every habit...
ive grown used to...
but if i need to let it settle,
ill settle into battle
war it out inside my head
until i destroy every thought of you...
now its just a process
a day to day erasing,
making room for...
these future endeavors
:iconseaandcake:SeaAndCake 2 0
Shorten Your Alias
we sleep the muscles tense
there is no escape
we close our eyes
and then, "Surprise!"
our prayers haven't changed a thing
but we live in a world of hope
and we keep our fingers crossed
we take the sleeping pills we're prescribed
and still, we turn we toss
i will no longer be ignored
i'm gonna scream until my voice breaks
i will submerge my spirit underwater
and my empty soul will swallow the lake
and the profits will roll into me
i have control of their essence
i will build a fortress on the tallest hill
and put up a gate to keep out the peasants
and we're training
an army full of mutants
i will unleash a fury of fire
the likes of which the world has never seen
eliminate extra letters
whatever it takes
to get your name out there
i am my biggest consumer
in fact, i'm my only customer
i bought all of my overpriced merchandise
and i might be sitting quiet
i haven't made a sound
but my only peaceful moments
are the ones i haven't found
but i'm sure they all stick together
:iconseaandcake:SeaAndCake 1 0
and after all the sparkle and glitter has faded
away with the unfulfilled promises.
and you're left with nothing
but his hollow shell.
will your allegiance to state and diety
be enough to save the marriage.
or does your heart beat with confidence
knowing there's someone out there better?
those unreachable horizons
your husband constantly caught you staring at.
i was on the other end
i was staring right back.
a thousand miles away
you were locked in, and i was zoned out.
i'm always busy dulling, slowing down
what remains of my top half.
maybe it's best if you forget me...
i told you, we remember
"you can settle if you want to, sweetheart,
but i refuse to be chained down."
you're stationed, tied to the kitchen
silent unless spoken to
and not allowed to leave the house.
you thirst for freedom, equal treatment, and attention
but you're muzzled
unable to open your mouth.
because your husband
twice your age
and raised in tradition from the fucking colonial south.
your problem is easily ident
:iconseaandcake:SeaAndCake 0 0
Leaf Dodger
my safe place is in delivery
i was dodging leaves,
but hitting people
and this church,
this church is empty
but sitting underneath
a beautiful steeple
and i cannot pretend
to attend
when i belive in nothing
to the majority's disappointment,
i can't even shake myself
and i've been rapidly
shifting myself
away from any company
a person's presence
well, i consider
a prison
these oblivions
they're way too involved
with themselves
just because you dance
along to peaches
it doesn't mean
that you're sexy
(but it doesn't hurt)
and maybe after a few years
of growing apart
we'll have something
to talk about
but at this point
i think a conversation
is just a waste of time
made my way into
the backyard, the backyard
found myself in the middle
of a congregation
in the name of a kegstand
and i was lagging behind
so i was lost
in the dialogue
i'm having trouble
keeping relationships fresh
with close friends
not like we notice, though
time speeds by
and leaves certain people
on the way side
and this i
:iconseaandcake:SeaAndCake 0 1
Mature content
The Letter :iconseaandcake:SeaAndCake 0 0
spitting contest
And it's a constant stream
But scattered like a spitting contest
And oh god, why can't you find me
I'm lost in temporary measures
Be it, the bottom of a can
Or at the top of a quick high
And for a few seconds
I'm numb to interference
No one can touch me in inebriated states
Nothing is working out, preacher
My experiences have been
My only teacher
But now I'm draining close to empty
Where even my best attributes
Can't save me
And if I've ever needed help from a deity
It was last week,
One minus a trinity
Companions, I'm sick of being lonely
But keep your hands off,
Nobody hold me
I understand that this could be
The most important beginning of my end
A future goodbye to my family and friends…
:iconseaandcake:SeaAndCake 0 0
Pink Slip
I've been zoning out in the middle of sex
It's a back facing front situation
I'm in no mood tonight
I'm venting on the breeze of passiveness
Watch those descriptions… those words with so much meaning
Here comes the pink slip
You can take your leave now
Two weeks to clean your desk off
Positions have been filled with business ties
Inside hard-working secretaries
With their children in the lobby
And I found my only reason for searching
Standing behind a register
Knees together knocking
So let's get knocked up
Fuck this office
Here comes the pink slip
You can take your leave now
Two weeks to clean your desk off
Weren't we all so much more ambitious
In the early years
Of course, the hormones were blinding
I saw nothing but legs and high-school note passing
In relation, pass me up
Because I haven't changed that much since then
She strips in whispers like a secret un-kept
For those of us worthy
Those with better wording
It's a long process for a short time in limbo
But as far as skin goes
:iconseaandcake:SeaAndCake 0 1
Downhill Climb
All I've ever wanted to do
Is make a difference in something, in someone
But I can't even change myself
So I suppose all of those
Dreams of fulfilling my empty shrugging about
Have officially been forgotten or ignored
I was a pretty pick of a fantasy
Before this world got its hands on me
And now I can't shake the dirt off
Princess, I would be cautious around me
I'm a downhill climb that swallows
The most adventurous of explorers
That's an understatement
And of course it would be
Because no matter the warning I give
I'm still hoping my charm will precede me
:iconseaandcake:SeaAndCake 0 1
an invite
although, I'm parallel to every pattern
your mind constructed in a coma-based relationship
i'm hardly that sketch, but a con,
though I appreciate the attention,
the side-swipe picture of a blinking mistake
is enough to shut my patience down
and wear my nice traits to the rim
so with all my heart
or what's left of it,
slide until the gears click
i was a speed bump and
never a destination
oh, what has become of my intentions
i'm thinking in the future tense
with the objective of destroying
my past
and this is all we will be
a forgotten image in our memory
rhetorical in presentation:
is an evening worth a friendship?
i outweigh all of my decisions
with a splash (or tidal wave) of alcohol
and swim oblivious to the medicine cabinet
this is a favor in disguise
we would be rid of me, tired within a week
of my ill-regarded, destructive swagger
with a broken posture to match
never invite an unstable friend
up to your apartment for drinks.
:iconseaandcake:SeaAndCake 0 0
What I Do On The Weekends by SeaAndCake What I Do On The Weekends :iconseaandcake:SeaAndCake 0 1
Bleed Americana
Face time for frenzy
I have too much free time
to spend with myself
And that's everyone's problem
I'm everyone's problem;
I should be put to sleep
I'm schizophrenic for all the right reasons
Nineteen years awake,
and still nothing to believe in
Except I probably won't make it around
this corner
I tried to warn her, as I stood back
Dinner date with disaster
Which is a chair looking out the window
of my third-story apartment
Beautiful view of my city in ruins
I witness the decay, stripping faster and faster
Like a snapshot out of the Old Testament
Preach to me solitude
You have the sweetest voice
Quote the followers, "This is a warning."
Well, color me blind
I don't see a fucking thing
Sake shots with a kamikaze
We drink for nation, but I
do it half-heartedly
I don't mean a thing I say nowadays
I wouldn't listen if I didn't have to
Keep your balance
You're losing your grip, eagle
This is a topple situation
For the whole world to smile upon
I see a civil war on the horizon
A country split
:iconseaandcake:SeaAndCake 0 2
Elephant In The Room
I will handle delicate
I won't break your feathers
This evening needs a pair
of training wheels
To keep the balance
I'm a bit dodgy on the heart
So no more movement
Sit still, sit still
You look pretty when your head's tied in a knot
The landscape gets a glossy shine
When we pour on the language
But vocabulary is running dry
Soon, we'll be out of communication
We'll fill the gaps with open mouths
And let the curtains drown the sun out
Yeah, we can turn the light on when we're ready
I pray to God that I'm not reading you wrong
I'm saving up all these scratches
I'm busy building up my character
To fend off all of my self-conscious tendencies
You're already familiar with these patterns
Feet with a stutter problem
We're walking so carefully
Step by step
Until the room changes temperture
I'm not on birth control (B.C.)
So I can bare the baby
And then ignore it like the elephant in the corner
Like a good mother should
I'm a custom defect with my mouth in full bloom
All along the backseat, al
:iconseaandcake:SeaAndCake 0 0
Mature content
Childhood Fantasy :iconseaandcake:SeaAndCake 0 1
Performance Artist
Why are my most important thoughts
The ones so easily forgotten
I haven't had a relevant idea in months
And I wish that was an exaggeration
But it's better than the alternative
Caving into a performance artist
So that everything's a performance
Then I, mimicking in motion
Lose all meaning in myself
I see no negative
In draining the scenery of its expression
I'll live for anything
As long as there is color in my surroundings
Or a chemical distraction in the water supply
Once again, somebody ordered
The perfect skyline to end on
And no one was around
To accept the charges
Another wasted opportunity
Goes unnoticed
:iconseaandcake:SeaAndCake 0 1
A Bitter Crop
i would run an epic marathon
if my lungs could hold up
but an epidemic deflated my dream
a smoke screen staining the horizon
(pet name) we're in a tough spot
frozen tempertures blanket the skin
and i'm holding on to nothing
slip, slip, slip away security
i'll greet you in the morning
with an empty accomplishment
with a cup of a coffee to start the day off
and a prescription to forget yesterday
those regrets are weighing your eyes down
destroying your best features
and all the while in the waiting room
your family in the cheering section
growing weary of your performance
i lose interest in saving you
and walk in a frenzy
some fruits are not worth the harvest
this is a season to be forgotten
you were a sour preview
of a bitter crop yet to sprout
:iconseaandcake:SeaAndCake 1 1
Waco Brain
I talk introverted
Most thoughts lie dormant
Unless closed shutters
Provoke rapid eye movement
And then it's Waco
For days in my brain
My nerves have turned hostile
I'm boarding up my doors
And locking the fences
I'm discarding, dropping weight
And losing my senses
I'm breathing much better
But it's all by wire and machine
At least my lack of motor skills
Are keeping my hands clean
Let's give it up for the O.C.D.
I was waking up
To a bomb and a prayer
They both connected
And blew up in mid-air
But the military be packin'
For circumstances just like this
A list, a list
A list of everyone inside
The suits and helmets
Crossed off names with
Big, black markers
Grenades were dropping in
For visits
But only stayed for the fireworks
Amidst the screaming and chaos
I was slowly growing into my skin
Everyone who has control of this country
Will eventually worship at the alter of corruption
By the sounds of the explosions
I suppose we were in the wrong
But we the people
Have been lied to for way
:iconseaandcake:SeaAndCake 2 1



Zach Hogan
United States
Current Residence: Nashville, TN
Favourite genre of music: Fuck Genres
Favourite photographer: Melancholy Rhino
Favourite style of art: There are different styles?
Operating System: I'm not a doctor
MP3 player of choice: MP3 players are the end of our civilization.. i like the Nano iPod
Shell of choice: the ozone layer, or what's left of it
Wallpaper of choice: a picture of something overly dramatic and important or two unicorns fucking
Skin of choice: Anyone else's other than mine.. i wear layers and layers of clothing
Favourite cartoon character: any politician..pick one...
Personal Quote: "I hate quotes..."- Zach Hogan
Oh,'s been forever...I need you now more than ever...can you submit music on here, too?...anyone out there?


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